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We design and sell wooden Frames of various sizes and designs which help the trainees to make use of them life long.We give short term training courses through our institution Archanah Academy, which was established in 1989, under guidance of Dr. R. Baratharaja, who is honoured by International Martial Arts-Japan, Colombo University, Srilanka. He has written a book on Art of Screen Printing, who is also awarded Best Fabric Printer in 2004, by Screen Printing Association of India.We are proud to say that we could give training to about 16000 people of different walks of life. Our training include practical classes which help the students to do printing by themselves and earn a livelihood of their own. A well experienced team of instructors are conducting classes throughout Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.

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Advances foil and transfer printing in jewellery boxes, Spectacle boxes, Leather, Rexin, Diaries, Pen, Pencil, Glass, Paper Weights, T-Shirts, Cap, Umberlla, Ballons ceramic & crockery, Stationery, Toys etc...
  • Wedding Card Making.
  • Wedding Card Printing.
  • Visiting Cards & Letter Heads.
  • Envelops, Carry bags of any kind.
  • Sticker Making, Diary Printing.
  • Calender Printing.
  • Pen & CD Printing.
  • Leather Goods Printing.
  • Rexin Goods Printing.
  • Tiles & Ceramic Printing.
  • Cap Printing, Glass Printing.
  • Gift & Toys Printing.
  • Balloon Printing.
  • Paper Foil Printing.
  • Emboss Printing.
  • Manual screen exposing.
  • Electronic exposing machine.
  • Screen washing unit.
  • Well equipped DTP centre.
  • Wooden block printing.
  • Three colour Printing.
  • Two colour strawberry Printing.
  • Pigment colours.
  • Efficient printing unit.
  • Making Aluminium & Metal frames.
  • Mango Pinch printing.
  • Full fledged Printing.
  • Flower Printing.
  • Cartoon Printing.
  • Traditional Indian Mural Designs.

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